Tips to stop premature climax.

increase time to climaxAs all men know, there can be a lot of pressure on us to sexually perform at the top of our game. Especially in a new relationship, the pressure to last a long time during sex and please our woman can be quite immense.

Often this stress and anxiety has the unwanted reverse effect of making men climax too soon, or suffer erectile problems, as we're too worried about the "mechanics" of pleasing our partner, and trying to last long enough for the woman to achieve orgasm.

Many women take between 15 to 25 minutes to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse, as the clitoris is not directly stimulated, making it take much longer compared to oral or digital stimulation.

Unfortunately, approximately 40% of men ejaculate within 2 minutes of penetration, and even those who don't have premature ejaculation usually last about 7-8 minutes before ejaculating. As you can imagine, this disparity in sexual needs and performance can cause serious complaints and unhappiness in the bedroom, and the relationship in general. 

We hope to show you some helpful tips and recommendations to help you stop premature climax, and see how you can last much longer during sex. Many climax control products are now available which usually eliminate premature ejaculation problems for the men who use them. We aim to show you how you can stop premature ejaculation, improve climax control, and last much longer during sex.

Last longer in bed. She'll thank you....over and over.

There are different methods available to try to overcome premature ejaculation. One technique for learning how to delay climax and last longer during sex is to masturbate yourself almost to climax, stop, wait a few minutes - and do this as many times as possible until you eventually ejaculate. This method tries to train your body to delay ejaculation, so you learn how to last longer during sex.

man with improved climax control in bed
This technique is not very effective for many reasons. First of all - masturbation is not a very good simulation of an actual physical episode with a real partner. Secondly, this technique must be practiced for a number of months to even have a chance of working. Additionally, this method is quite time consuming, as most men don't have several minutes a day to devote to masturbation, several days a week.

You will also discover many hypnosis and exercise techniques advertised, claiming to "quickly and easily" cure premature ejaculation. Most of these are a complete waste of time. The only online PE guide we have seen which has had some positive feedback is available at This program has had some success for men trying to stop premature climax, and it does come with some helpful and arousing picture tutorials!

Clinical studies and feedback from customers clearly indicates that herbal PE treatments provide the quickest and most dramatic improvement for men looking to stop premature climax and last longer during sex. A few of the top climax control supplements are guaranteed to work or you get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Top treatments to stop premature ejaculation:

We hope some of these tips on how to stop premature climax will prove helpful. There are many good reasons for wanting to eliminate premature ejaculation and be able to last longer during sex. More pleasure, more satisfaction for your partner and yourself, and improved confidence in the bedroom and your relationship.

With doctor recommended treatments to stop early ejaculation and improve climax control now available and affordable, there's no longer any reason to suffer with the many negative effects of premature ejaculation. As many men know, there's nothing more frustrating than a sex life that isn't all it could be. 

Try these fast, effective PE treatments and soon you'll see just how great life can be when your sex life is everything you've dreamed of - AND MORE!!

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