Premature Ejaculation FAQ's.

questions about premature ejaculationWe receive thousands of letters each month from men with questions about premature ejaculation. Many are frustrated with their PE problems because "I'm not a teenager anymore!

Although a large portion of PE sufferers are younger men - many are not. Premature ejaculation is also very common in men aged 25-60. Almost 40% of men who have PE are over the age of 25. For specific information on new products which stop PE, check out our supplements for premature ejaculation page.

Here is a list of the most common questions we receive regarding premature ejaculation.

Q: I have premature ejaculation. Is it all in my head?
Although premature ejaculation used to be considered a "psychological issue", new research has revealed that biological and physical components are involved in causing PE.

Q: What causes premature ejaculation?
New information is becoming available all the time, however current medical opinion is that PE is caused by one or more physical, biological, or psychological causes.

Q: Is there a cure for premature ejaculation?
Well - first of all - it's important to note that premature ejaculation is not a disease. Premature ejaculation is merely a 'sexual function' problem whereby men ejaculate sooner than they or their partner would like. Of course you can't really "cure" something if it's not  a "disease" - however that being said there are treatments like Prexil available that are effective enough that most people consider them premature ejaculation cures.

Q: What are some of the "physical causes" of premature ejaculation?
Doctors believe the physical components of PE include erectile difficulties or concern over erectile dysfunction; over-sensitivity of the genitalia; and irregular hormone levels in men with PE.

Q: What treatment options are available to eliminate premature ejaculation?
Different treatment options are available, depending on the potential causes of the premature ejaculation. Available treatments include medical supplements to address hormone irregularities and erectile function, PE prevention exercises and possibly therapy to address psychological issues contributing to premature ejaculation.

Q: It seems like I'm the only person I know with PE. How common is it?
Medical researchers estimate that premature ejaculation affects between 25 and 40% of men worldwide, at some point in their lives. This number may actually be higher since many men are embarrassed and reluctant to admit their problems with premature ejaculation. It is safe to say that at least 1 in 3 men have premature ejaculation problems, and most likely several people you know are experiencing similar problems with PE.

Q: Is premature ejaculating permanent?
Premature ejaculation is a very complex condition, and much is still being learned about it. Some men find it goes away on it's own as they get older. This may take anywhere from one to several years. Other's find it doesn't go away without treatment. Results vary and can be quite different among men.

Premature Ejaculation. How do you get rid of it?

Q: Are there any drugs to cure premature ejaculation?
Many large pharmaceutical companies, including Johnston & Johnston are working on new drugs to cure premature ejaculation. However, at this time there are no pharmaceutical drugs to treat PE which are approved by the FDA. Some doctors have prescribed anti-depressants to help treat PE. These can, however, have numerous side effects, and this is considered "off-label" use of these drugs, as they are not meant to be a treatment for premature ejaculation.

Q: Are there actually treatments to stop premature ejaculation that work?
Yes, there are medically-formulated natural supplements which have proven successful in eliminating premature ejaculation, and are completely safe.

Q: How do these products work to stop premature ejaculation?
Most of these PE treatments work to eliminate premature ejaculation by addressing common physical aspects of PE including, erectile function, genital sensitivity, and climax control.

Q: How effective are these products in eliminating premature ejaculation?
Millions of men have benefited from these doctor approved PE treatments. Follow up studies indicate over 92% of men were successful in eliminating their premature ejaculation after starting treatment.

Q: What is considered "successful" in curing premature ejaculation?
Generally, medical researchers consider PE treatments successful if they increase ejaculatory time by at least 100%. This means that in order to be considered successful, a PE treatment must at least double the time until ejaculation - many men are able to last 3-4 times longer after successfully using natural PE treatments.

Q: Are there other treatment methods to eliminate PE?
Other treatment methods to exist, including manuals and exercises designed to "teach" you how to last longer during sex. These methods have a low success rate and have no medical evidence to suggest they work. They can be helpful for a small percentage of men, however they generally take several months or even years to produce noticeable results.

Q: Do these premature ejaculation treatments have any kind of guarantee?
All of the products we recommend come with money back guarantees, or we don't recommend them. Some of the companies offer exceptional guarantees which are good for 6 months. Make sure you read all the details of any guarantee - and NEVER BUY ANY PRODUCT THAT DOESN'T COME WITH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! The reputable companies that know their products work always stand behind their products.

Q: Which are the most successful products to stop premature ejaculation?
At this time, there are only a few products which work well, and have clinical studies to back up their claims. If we had to pick the 'Top 3' cures for premature ejaculation we would go with Prexil, VigRX Plus, and Prosolution Pills.

Q: How do I order these products - can I buy them here?
We don't actually sell any products on this site. We simply provide information and reviews so you can make the decision yourself. Visit our PE pill comparison page for more information and details on how to order these products from the official sites, and how to get the best price on these premature ejaculation treatments.

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