Please your woman in bed.

please your woman in bedNo one questions their sexual prowess more than guys suffering from premature ejaculation. Even if their partner seems understanding about the whole situation, most men are left doubting whether they are sexually pleasing their woman.

Pleasing your woman in bed can be tricky enough at the best of times, but it's pretty much impossible if the intercourse is over in 2-4 minutes. With women often needing 15 to 20 minutes to climax, women often find their sexual encounters disappointing if it doesn't last long enough for them to have a chance to reach orgasm.

Even guys with "average" ejaculation times of 7-8 minutes often find they can't last long enough to give their woman an orgasm. Obviously, even without the problems of premature ejaculation, guys need every advantage available to them when it comes to delaying their ejaculation and pleasing their woman in bed.

The good news is there are new premature ejaculation treatments now available which dramatically improve a man's climax control and ability to please their woman sexually. Prexil, VigRX Plus, and Vimax are all endorsed by the medical community as safe and effective treatments for premature ejaculation.

Over 2 million men have used these herbal PE pills to cure their premature ejaculation and take their staying power to levels they've never enjoyed before. If you've experienced the letdown of not performing as well as you'd like to - don't wait any longer - learn more about natural solutions to eliminating your premature ejaculation.

Make sex last longer - Satisfy her again and again.

Although many women pretend that premature ejaculation doesn't bother them that much - the facts reveal otherwise. When surveyed, over 87% of women reported being "disappointed if intercourse doesn't last 10 minutes or more". Additionally, only 3% of women reported having an orgasm through vaginal intercourse if the sex lasted less than 10 minutes. Not surprisingly, premature ejaculation is often attributed to marital and relationship problems, due to a lack of satisfaction during intimate encounters.

Using doctor approved premature ejaculation treatments will "significantly delay orgasm in over 92% of men", according to clinical studies conducted by Dr. Luis Quesada. "As a specialist in reproductive medicine, I found the herbal supplement Prexil to make a dramatic difference in ejaculatory control", says Quesada. "Most men were able to last 7-11 minutes longer than before treatment. These results were true in men who had been taking the supplement for a minimum of 90 days. This compares to the placebo group which on average lasted 1-3 minutes longer. These findings are definitely significant".

Most men have suffered in silence with premature ejaculation, as it hasn't received much media attention until recently. This despite the fact that it is the most common male sexual dysfunction worldwide. However, that is starting to change, and many large pharmaceutical companies are now jumping in and developing drugs to compete with currently approved products like Prexil and VigRX Plus. Getting FDA approval can take years however, so it remains to be seen if and when any pharmaceutical remedies become available for purchase.

couple with great sex life
Most couples are destined for problems if they are not experiencing satisfaction with their sex life. Premature ejaculation makes life miserable for both partners in the relationship, and should be recognized as a serious threat to the success of the relationship.

There really is no reason to put off dealing with premature ejaculation any longer. With medically formulated treatments guaranteed to work, premature ejaculation can be history in just a matter of weeks. No more "de-sensitizing" lotions, potions, or silly hypnosis programs. Try these products risk free for 2 months, and you'll be amazed at the difference.

Long lasting, amazing sex can be yours, but you need to take action to make it happen. You've already done the hardest part - now you just need to take the last step. Take action today and soon you'll be enjoying the great sex you've always dreamed of!

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