Last longer during sex - MUCH longer.

woman enjoying longer lasting sexAlthough most women freely admit that a large penis is important, there's one issue that rates even higher as a concern in the bedroom. Over 90% of women surveyed in a Masters & Johnson sexual study responded that they wished their partner could last longer during sex.

Of these women, 24% reported that their partner climaxed "a little too soon" - however 76% of women responded that their lover climaxed "way too soon" for them to achieve orgasm and feel sexually satisfied.

While this initially may come as a blow to our confidence, guys shouldn't feel like this is our fault. Over thousands of years we've been genetically programmed to climax as soon as possible. It's been a survival technique dating back thousands of years, so it's not easy to reverse. In the past, sex was primarily about procreation - and the idea was to "plant your seed" as quickly and as often as possible, and then move on.

Historically for men - and most other creatures - sexual intercourse was a 'delicate' time when their defenses were down and they were vulnerable to attack by their enemies or other predators. As a result males of almost every species are programmed to climax as quickly as possible as a "self-defense" mechanism. 

Now that we live in a safer and more civilized world, sex has tended to become more about pleasure and enjoyment, and not just about procreation. As a result, the tendency to climax very quickly is no longer seen as favorable by either men or women. Luckily several premature ejaculation pills are now available which significantly increase the length of time men can last during sex. On average, most men taking PE supplements can expect to last 7-12 minutes longer during sex compared to before taking these supplements.

Last longer during sex - Feel good for a longer time.

Nothing kills the mood quicker than climaxing too soon during sex. Consider the following scenario - you've just started receiving oral sex or have just penetrated your partner when you think "Wow, this feels good!!.......Uh oh, I think it feels A LITTLE TOO GOOD..." and the next thing you know, a minute later it's all over before it really even began. Almost every man in the world has probably experienced this situation at one time or another. Many men wonder if they'll ever be able to last longer during sex.

man lasting longer during sex
There's nothing more frustrating than when you've waited for weeks, maybe months (maybe years!) for sex, and then it's all over in the blink of an eye. Generally this problem is even more prevalent in younger men, and often it feels like you'll never be able to last more than a couple of minutes.

As we've mentioned, there are several forces at work that conspire to make it extremely hard to last for very long during sex. This is such a huge problem for men that companies have spent years on research and development for a solution to this problem with premature ejaculation. Just in the last couple of years products have become available which will eliminate this problem for most men.

Several studies have been concluded which show considerable improvement in men's ability to make sex last longer. Leading PE treatments like Prexil and VigRX Plus have been shown to offer significant help in making men last 2-3 times longer during sex, after only a few weeks of taking these products. These products contain a number of herbs used for centuries to delay ejaculation and prolong intercourse.

Top 3 products to last longer during sex:
  • PREXIL - Effective for delaying ejaculation in 92% of men

  • VigRX Plus - Effective for delaying ejaculation in 87% of men

  • Prosolution Pills - Effective for delaying ejaculation in 85% of men

The above treatments for premature ejaculation have been approved after years of research and study for a PE cure that is effective yet safe. All 3 of these products are produced by well known, reputable companies that have been around for years and have excellent track records for quality products and customer support. They are also manufactured in cGMP certified labs which meet or exceed FDA regulations.

If you've ever suffered the embarrassment of climaxing too soon during oral sex or intercourse, you are not alone. Premature ejaculation has been experienced at some point by almost every man in the world. Premature ejaculation can have devastating effects not only on your sexual confidence, but also on the sexual enjoyment of you AND your partner, and PE is responsible for ruining thousands of otherwise happy relationships

If you've ever dreamed of lasting longer during sex and being able to last long enough to give your partner the sexual pleasure and satisfaction they've been craving - then your solution is finally here! Every PE treatment we recommend is backed by a no-risk 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. So don't put it off any longer - you have absolutely nothing to lose - and EVERYTHING TO GAIN

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